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Advantages of a second opinion consultation:


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Piece of mind on  your diagnosis and treatment plan

Feeling overwhelmed with your diagnosis and decisions that need to be made? Get another set of eyes to review your records and hear your story in order to provide an independent objective opinion of your diagnosis and treatment options in your situation.  This includes reviewing your genetic testing results and determining if there are any targeted and/or immunotherapy options that may be applicable in your case.

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Longitudinal opinion plans

While there is an option for a one-time consultation, many patients prefer to have another specialist in their corner with them throughout their cancer journey, to assist at any time with questions that arise along the way. This includes availability at major decision points like when to change treatment and what treatment is best to change to, as well as ongoing guidance regarding side effects from treatment and managent of cancer-related symptoms. 


Not enough time to get all your questions answered?

It is common to feel like you don't have all the answers you are seeking to all of your questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment options. A second opinion with a dedicated specialist devoted to help you through all the questions you have can provide the necessary education about your diagnosis and treatment options, so you can make the best informed decisions through your cancer journey. 


Feeling helpless finding clinical trials?

Treating oncologists often only have knowledge of trials available, if any,  at their own center. Finding clinical trials is often a daunting task, and can be a source of significant anxiety. Have a dedicated specialist to help you navigate this complex system to find the best clinical studies available to you that are in your best interest, and to assist to determine your eligibility for an ideal trial. 

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Personalized Precision Medicine for Cancer
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Collaboration with your treating doctors

Getting your care closer to home with a General Oncologist? Have an Academic mind that is an expert in the field in your corner to help you through each hurdle, make sure you are on the right track, and to discuss these ideas with your treating Oncology team, without you needing to travel to a specialist. 


Get the most up to date information on new developments regarding the treatment of your cancer from a dedicated GI Cancer Speciaist. 


Wherever, Whenever, and with Whomever

Wherever: Have a visit while in the comfort of your home or during a break at work, or anywhere that works for you. We are currently licensed to consult with patients residing in or visiting Illinois. 

Whenever: Flexible appointment times at your convenience Monday to Sunday 6am-9pm CST. Need to get a consult ASAP before starting a new therapy to get piece of mind? We will get you in right away.  

Whomever: Have relatives, caregivers, and/or friends join from wherever they are to participate in the visit. 

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